Famous 'Dungeons & Dragons' Module Getting Converted for Fifth Edition Play

Goodman Games has announced it will be updating the famous Dungeons & Dragons module Expedition to the Barrier Peaks for its third volume of "Original Adventures Reincarnated." Written by Dungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax, Expedition to the Barrier Peaks put adventurers on the hunt for the source of a series of monsters that threatened a nearby kingdom. Eventually, the adventurers would discover a crashed spaceship filled with robots, vegepygmys, and a monstrous froghemoth. The adventure was originally intended to introduce players to Metamorphosis Alpha, a sci-fi tabletop RPG game developed by TSR, but it grew an immense fan following for its mix of science fiction and fantasy in a single adventure. After all, who wouldn't love a barbarian trying to deal with a robot karate master?

As with other volumes of "Original Adventures Reincarnated," the book will contain every existing version of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks along with an updated version made for Fifth Edition play. That means that players can read the original Expedition module designed for Origins II, which came out four years before the module was released for wider play. The book will also contain plenty of supplemental information and material perfect for D&D fans looking to fondly remember the past or learn a little more about the game's history.

The updated version of Expedition to the Barrier Peaks is expected to be released in September 2019. No retail price has been announced, but past "Original Adventures Reincarnated" had a retail price of $49.99.



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