Dr Disrespect Says 'Fortnite' Is Making Gamers Soft


No amount of victory royales are going to make Dr Disrespect like Fortnite. The popular Twitch streamer hates on a lot of things -- that's kind of his MO -- but nothing compares to his dislike of Fortnite, which according to the Two Time, is turning gamers soft. While streaming the game, Dr Disrespect found himself in the final encounter with another player who was countering his aggressive tactics with more defensive tactics. After a long, somewhat tedious, showdown, the other player got the best of the Two Time.

Now, if you've watched any of Dr Disrespect's previous streams of Fortnite, you'll know he despises the game's building mechanics, which allow players to regroup even if another player gets the jump on them, and in certain cases, turtle up. And so when the streamer lost to the aforementioned player using these tactics, it inspired one of his famous tirades.

“The younger generation is getting softer and softer," said the streamer. "More sensitivity out in the world, they are getting softer and softer. We are talking about the younger kids here. When they get challenged, they grow soft.”

Dr Disrespect continued:

“…And, these stupid ass developers from North Carolina [Epic Games] have contributed to that. Why? You get shot once in a regular military-style, or any old-school Halo, Call of Duty. Anything that has to do with competitiveness, you have to deal with it right then and there. Either use your cover, peak, etc. This game? You get shot it’s f*ck*ng seven walls up because I’m scared to death and I got a second chance!”

Of course, part of what makes Fortnite so unique is its build mechanics, so it seems odd to lambaste the game for it. However, Dr Disrespect isn't the only person who feels this way about the game's building. Many of its defectors have cited the game's building mechanics -- along with its cartoon-ish graphics -- as reasons why they don't like the world's most popular game.

Anyway, as always, feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject via comment or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler_Fischer_ and let me know there.

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