Add More Danger to Your 'Dungeons & Dragons' Sea Adventures

A new Dungeons & Dragons supplement adds a variety of adventures and encounters to use while traveling on the high seas. Earlier this week, Dungeons & Dragons released Ghosts of Saltmarsh, a new adventure book containing updated versions of seven classic adventures, along with new rules for naval combat and running a ship. What Ghosts of Saltmarsh doesn't contain is many adventures that are specifically set on the open seas, as most of the adventures are set on the coast rather than in the ocean itself. Luckily, Jeff C. Stevens has organized a compendium of fantastic encounters that can help supplement any Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign.

Encounters on the Savage Seas II is the second volume of Stevens' sea-themed encounter publications. As with the first volume, Encounters on the Savage Seas II contains a variety of different mini-adventures and random encounters, ranging in difficulty from a mere CR 1 encounter to a CR 14 encounter that could challenge event experienced adventures. The book contains encounters from several accomplished D&D writers, including Anne Gregersen, R P Davis, Jean Lorber and Janek Sielicki. Encounters range from stopping ghost captains to fighting ghouls that suddenly attack from the sea. There's also non-combat oriented encounters, such as participating in an underwater race. There's even a segment explaining how to maintain a ship's rigging, complete with DC checks for any player that wants to try their hand at actually tying knots and completing other duties to keep their boat shipshape.


Encounters on the Savage Seas II is a fantastic supplement, perfect for adding to your Ghosts of Saltmarsh (or any other nautical) campaign. If you're looking for memorable encounters to fill the time while your players are sailing between locations, or simply need some inspiration to make your sea voyages come alive, Encounters on the Savage Seas II is a great resource to have.

Encounters on the Savage Seas II is available on the DMs Guild for $6.95.