Pokemon Go Launches Sleeping Snorlax Event to Promote Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Go has launched a new event that will allow players to catch a sleeping version of Snorlax. Yesterday evening, the Pokemon Company held a press conference in which they announced Pokemon Sleep, a new mobile game in which players have their sleep monitored with the help of a new Pokemon Go Plus + peripheral device. To help promote the Pokemon Sleep announcement, Pokemon Go launched a new event that allows players to encounter sleeping versions of Snorlax in the wild. While players usually see Snorlax active in the game, this event features Snorlax lazing about as it does in the main series game.


Once the sleeping Snorlax is caught, it "wakes up" and behaves like a normal Snorlax. Unfortunately, this means that players can only take AR pictures of their sleeping Snorlax before they actually catch it. Any Snorlax caught during the event will also know the move Yawn, which does no damage to opposing Pokemon but does charge up the Charge Move meter quickly. We'll also note that the event does not feature a "Shiny" version of Snorlax, unlike other recent events that have added Shiny Pokemon to the game.

While the lack of a Shiny variant or a useful move may dampen enthusiasm for this event, Snorlax is still a rare Pokemon and the event gives players an opportunity to stock up on Snorlax and perhaps add the missing Pokemon to their Pokedex. The event will run until June 3rd, so players only have a few days with which to enjoy finding sleeping Snorlax lazing about in their neighborhoods.

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