Pokemon Sword & Shields Reveals New Gym Leader; Builds Credibility of Last Month's Leak

Today's Nintendo Direct revealed a new Gym Leader for Pokemon Sword & Shield and also strengthened the validity of a leak posted to 4Chan last month. Earlier today, Nintendo revealed a handful of new details about Pokemon Sword & Shield, including the game's new Water-type Gym Leader Nessa. Attendees of E3 will be able to battle Nessa as part of a game demo at E3 and try out the game's new Dynamax mechanic, which will cause Pokemon to become mega-sized for three rounds. While the Internet instantly fell in love with the fashionable Nessa, her reveal also strengthened the validity of an alleged leak of Pokemon Sword & Shield game system posted in May on 4chan.

The leak, which included information about the new Pokemon Wooloo and the Dynamax feature, was originally posted on May 24th, several weeks before the Pokemon Direct that officially revealed both of those tidbits to the world. The leak also mentioned Nessa as a new gym leader, which was confirmed during today's Nintendo Direct. You can check out full details about the new Pokemon and other information contained in the alleged leak here.

In addition to Nessa, Nintendo also revealed that Pokemon Sword & Shield will have connectivity to the PokeBall Plus. While players can't use the PokeBall Plus as a controller like they did for Pokemon: Let's Go, they can place a Pokemon inside the peripheral device and take it for a walk. Details about what would happen when the Pokemon was walked is unclear, but they teased that it would be "something good."


We'll have more details about Pokemon Sword & Shield in the coming weeks. The new games will be released on November 15th. Pre-orders are live now with a $10 Prime credit.

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