Respawn Has a 3-4 Year Long-Term Plan for Apex Legends

How long will Respawn Entertainment support Apex Legends? Well, for as long as its popular I'd assume. But to give you some insight into Respawn's plans for the game, it has revealed that it currently has a "fuzzy" three to four year plan for the game, suggesting it's not only thinking about where the battle royale title is going, but that it will be supporting it well into the next console generation, which suggests PS5 and Xbox Scarlett ports.

The news comes way of Patrick Shanley, who was told as much by Drew McCoy, the project lead on the game, during E3. Not only does this plan include supporting the game with updates and balance changes, but with new content.

As you will know, the biggest complaint lodged against Apex Legends is that Respawn has been slow to support the game, whether with bug fixes or new content. In other words, it's great to see Respawn have a long, internal roadmap, but if it doesn't increase the rate at which the game is supported, it may be fruitless. The game is doing very well, but it's decline since launch has been large. And nobody expects it to be like Fortnite, which pumps out content and updates at a crazy rate, but it's so far off the pace of its competition in this regard that it's hard to see this game being very relevant in three to four years. I still play it almost every day, but the number of people I know doing the same is rapidly decreasing.


Apex Legends is available, for free, via the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. At the moment of publishing, there's been no word of a Nintendo Switch port, but we do know the game is coming to mobile.

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