Mortal Kombat 11's Ranked Mode Launches Tomorrow

Mortal Kombat 11 players are getting a new ranked mode where they can fight for supremacy and bragging rights against other players, and it’s happening quite soon. The Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat League is scheduled to release on June 18th as part of a free update, NetherRealm Studios announced. The trailer above was released alongside the announcement and previews what’s to come while incentivizing players to take part in the Kombat League so that they may level up their ranks and earn rewards throughout the season.

This Kombat League mode that’s launching tomorrow will kick of the first day of a four-week season that’s called the “Season of Blood,” the studio announced. There will be nine different ranked modes for players to advance through with the ranks starting at “Apprentice” and ending with “Elder God.” At the end of each season, those ranks will reset and players will have to rank their way up again, but there will be new rewards waiting for them during that process.

These rewards were previewed in the trailer to show what kinds of gear and currencies players have waiting for them the farther they move up the ranks. Unique gear that’s only found in the Kombat League can be acquired as players earn Kombat Points and rank up. Kombat Koins, Soul Fragments, Hearts, and Time Krystals are also parts of the rewards with different amounts being given out depending on how close you are to being an Elder God.

At the end of each season when these rewards reset and new ones take their places, you’ll get a special icon and a matching background based on the highest rank that you reached during that season. This means that even if you go on a losing streak right at the end of the season and plummet down to the Kombatant or Warrior ranks, you’ll still be rewarded for whatever your highest moment was.


As far as the actual matchmaking goes, NetherRealm assures players that the system will fairly put players against one another. There will also be a meter which appears before each best-of-three ranked match to show players what their odds of winning against their upcoming opponent are.

Mortal Kombat 11’s Kombat League ranked mode launches across all platforms on June 18th.