Super Mario Bros. Gets Turned Into a Battle Royale Game

Nintendo hasn’t indulged in the battle royale trend when it comes to the Super Mario Bros. series which means that it probably never will at this point. To remedy the startling lack of a Mario-themed battle royale game, someone has created “Mario Royale,” a game which is exactly what it sounds like. Ninety-nine players, each of them controlling the classic version of Mario, compete against one another to knock people out and be the final three plumbers left standing at the end of each level.

The YouTuber by the name of InfernoPlus is responsible for the creation that he calls a “true sin.” Mario Royale is a battle royale game that’s fully playable in we browsers, so playing it is as easy as heading to the creator’s website and choosing a name. The site currently shows that there are over 1,000 players online right now, so there are plenty of people who don’t think it’s an abomination like the creator joked.

Before diving into Mario Royale, you’ll want to watch the video above first that shows how the game is played and what you’ll have to do. You’re essentially just playing a Mario game – specifically the classic NES version – but there are 98 other players in the same level with you all shooting for the same goal. The catch here is that you can’t directly interact with the other players though. Instead, you’ll use the world to interact with them by breaking blocks and lobbing shells their way.

InfernoPlus provided a few examples of how this will work in the video. If there’s a mushroom that appears in the world, there’s only one of them regardless of how many players are in the game. This means that it’s first come, first serve when the powerups and other resources are concerned. Breaking blocks as players are about to jump on them is another viable way of throwing someone off their game.

The Super Star powerup is the only way that you’ll be able to interact with other players directly. While the powerup still lets you plow through AI enemies when acquired, you can direct that same power towards other players as well. Grab a Super Star and go to town on your opponents by simply bumping into them to knock them out of the game.


Only three players can win each game, so stopping for these powerups or trying too hard to put other players behind means that you might not be taking a winner’s pedestal at the end.

Mario Royale even has patch notes that show what’s been changing, so expect InfernoPlus to keep the game supported at least for a while.