Mystery Pokemon Spotted in New Pokemon Sword & Shield Trailer

An unidentified Pokemon was spotted in the newest Pokemon Sword & Shield trailer. Earlier today, the Pokemon Company and Nintendo released a new trailer for Pokemon Sword & Shield, which debuted a handful of new Pokemon along with the powerful Gigantamax mechanic. While most of the Pokemon fanbase's attention was on the adorable Yamper or the sentient whipped cream puff Acremie, eagle-eyed fans also spotted a mystery Pokemon. The Pokemon, which is shown for a split second as Chairman Rose tosses a PokeBall, appears to be a four-legged creature with a red body and either a long neck or trunk.

Early speculation is that the Pokemon is either modelled after a tea kettle or an elephant. Pokemon Sword & Shield is set in the Galar region, which is based on the United Kingdom. A tea kettle Pokemon has obvious ties to Britain's love of tea, while an elephant Pokemon could be a reference to England's history with India.

You can see the new Pokemon below:

mystery pokemon

This is the second un-named Pokemon species to appear in a Pokemon Sword & Shield trailer. The last trailer briefly flashed a squirrel-like Pokemon that was also spotted on a young child's sweater. Technically, the Pokemon Impidimp is also "unrevealed," although this Pokemon appeared in the demo version of Pokemon Sword & Shield available to play at E3 and various other events. Including these un-named and unrevealed Pokemon, we know that Pokemon Sword & Shield will have at least 23 new Pokemon species, which includes the as of yet unrevealed evolutions of the game's Starter Pokemon.


It seems that we'll be getting more and more Pokemon Sword & Shield news in the coming weeks, so stay tuned as we wait for the identity of this mystery Pokemon to be revealed.

Pokemon Sword & Shield comes out on November 15th.