Overwatch Teases New Hero Reveal

Blizzard has released a new Overwatch teaser that appears to be hinting at an upcoming reveal of the game’s next hero. In a video that’s set up to look like the next update from the developers about popular topics within the Overwatch community, the video is derailed when a series of mathematic equations fill the screen. It’s got what looks like a black hole, music, and an unstable vibe to the whole thing, and we’re left with more questions than answers after this tease.

The video seen below was shared from the official Overwatch account on Twitter on Saturday, an unusual time for new hero teasers but a welcome one regardless. Overwatch’s video shows game director Jeff Kaplan preparing to lead another one of his developer updates as indicated by the text in the tweet, though it trails off form there. Instead, we see a few of the mathematic symbols found in the video along with some music notes.

With the music and the vibration of what looks like a white board covered in equations, the whole thing has a kind of eerie feeling to it. Perhaps we’ll be getting a true mad scientist or some sort of super intelligent hero as our next character, but who they are and what they’re capable of remain unknown until Blizzard fully reveals Hero 31.


While it’s true that the details of the next hero aren’t certain yet, we may have already gotten an indicator of who the next character will be. A supposed leak hinted that the next character will be named “Sigma” an older-looking male hero. Overwatch pros Team Mexico tweeted a few images recently, one of which had Sigma found at the top of a list of heroes. It’s been two days now since those images went up, and the fact that they haven’t been taken down yet is perhaps one of the most telling details.

Kaplan has said before that the next hero would be a male character as well, though that doesn’t confirm this leak by itself. The game director also said that the character would arrive a bit later than the time players might’ve been expecting, though with that update shared a week ago now, perhaps the wait for the next character is coming to an end.