Former Witcher Devs Reveal Wanderlust Travel Stories

The Witcher series is often referred to as one of the best when it comes to RPG experiences. This, of course, is due to the developers at CD Projekt Red, who have always been known for putting out quality work. While a lot of eyes are on the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, two former devs on the first Witcher entry have started a new studio and they've already got their first game on the way. Wanderlust Travel Stories is going to blend a bit of gaming with more of a relaxing literary experience, and it is set to arrive next month.

The two former CDPR devs in question are Artur Ganszyniec and Jacek Brzezinski, who were head story designer and project lead on The Witcher, respectively. Their new studio Different Tales are currently developing the upcoming narrative title that will use real photographs from around the world and put an interface in play that allows players to explore the story any way they choose.

"The game takes you on 9 globetrotting journeys, telling 4 long and 5 short stories of life-changing travels," Brzezinski said in a Steam post. "You’ll visit such inspiring countries as Bangladesh, Congo, Argentina, Thailand, France, Spain and even Antarctica. You won’t have to hurry. You won’t have to fight. This isn’t about a rush of adrenaline. This is about taking in the beauty of the real world. It’s what we call ‘slow gaming’."

Here's a bit more on what players can expect from the experience:

"The gameplay is a mix of literature and gaming. You are the reader and the storyteller. You meet the protagonists and learn their motivations and goals. By making choices you shape their journeys.

"What to pack? Which route to take? What to say to the stranger you just met? What to buy so you still have money for the rest of the trip? And most of all: how does this make you feel? What you decide also makes the traveler change their world views. Every journey ends with your character becoming an internally ‘richer’ person."

Wanderlust Travel Stories is set to arrive on August 28th for PC and mobile devices.


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Thanks, PC Gamer.