Battle Laser Sharks, T-Rexes and Cthulhu in New OP Arena Board Game

WizKids has announced an over-the-top combat board game involving some of the craziest combatants of all time. Earlier this month, WizKids announced O.P. Arena, a new tabletop game for 2-6 players designed by Robert Burke and Nate Bivins. The new game involves over 80 overpowered characters known as Dudes that fight in an over-the-top battle royale. Players compete to gain VPs, which they gain by damaging and killing other player's Dudes. Players roll a dice during their turn to activate special powers that either deals damage or blocks other Dudes' abilities with the use of Nerph tokens. The first player to 30 points wins the game and earns bragging rights.


The Dudes at the heart of O.P. Arena are the real draw to the game. Players can use Lactose Intolerant Unicorns, Pirate Tacos, Laser Sharks, Karate Sausage, Vikings, and other absurdly ridiculous and powerful characters in their quest for victory. Cthulhu even makes an appearance in the game, likely unhappy that he has to deal with a bunch of goofy creatures with insane powers. This is clearly a game meant for players who enjoy a little bit of insanity and tongue-in-cheek in their tabletop experiences.

O.P. Arena will contain 84 tarot-sized Dude cards, 66 tokens, and damage tokens, scoring tracks and dice for each player. The new game will be released in November and will cost $39.99. If you've ever wondered whether a Creepy Wind-Up Toy could defeat a T-Rex, you'll want to pre-order O.P. Arena today!