Pokemon Masters May Ignore Spinoff Games

If you’ve got a favorite character from one of the Pokemon games outside of the main lineup, there’s a chance you may or may not see them in the new Pokemon Masters game. The mobile game features characters from all throughout the different regions and games in the Pokemon library, but characters from supporting games haven’t yet been confirmed for a later release. Producer Yu Sasaki from DeNA, the developer of the mobile game, said the team doesn’t have much to share about the possibility of adding these types of characters.

Pokemon.com spoke to Sasaki about the new game in an interview which broke down the development process and how Pokemon Masters will tie in characters from different parts of the Pokemon world. Part of the conversation turned to spinoff games like Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Colosseum as the company inquired about the DeNA’s stance on the characters from those games. Sasaki’s answer wasn’t decisive either way but fans of The Pokemon Company’s spinoff games some hope for seeing supporting characters added at some point.

“We are looking into the possibility of featuring some of the professor characters in the future,” Sasaki said. “At this point, we have nothing to share about featuring characters from the spin-off Pokémon games.”

So it’s not a “yes,” but it’s definitely not a “no” either. There’s still a chance characters from these games could come to Pokemon Masters at some point, but it’ll likely be a while before they do since the game just launched not long ago. There are plenty of characters to account for across all the Pokemon games, but it’s interesting that these two games were specifically mentioned in the questioning. Regardless, seeing professor characters added at some point seems to be a more likely occurrence.


As for the process of handling the new content Pokemon Masters receives whether that comes in the form of new characters, events, or other releases, Sasaki also talked about that as well. The producer said the game would be getting new content every month, though he didn’t go into detail about what that content might be.

Despite just releasing not long ago, the game’s already given its players their first event. That event is called “Reach for the Top” and is live until September 19th with more info on it found here.