Pokemon Go Teases the Swords of Justice Trio in Cryptic Tweet

Pokemon Go just posted a cryptic tweet that likely heralds the arrival of a new group of Legendary Pokemon. Earlier today, Pokemon Go posted a tweet containing only a Sword Emoji and a Scales Emoji. While some fans wondered if this was a hint about a possible Pokemon Sword and Shield tie-in, it's more likely a reference to the Swords of Justice, a group of three Legendary Pokemon and one Mythical Pokemon that first appeared in Pokemon Black and White. The trio were known as the Swords of Justice as they all moves related to Swords and had the Ability Justified.

The Swords of Justice are Terrakion, Virizion, Cobalion, and Keldeo. All four Pokemon have different primary types, but share a secondary Fighting-type Pokemon. The quartet was founded to prevent humans from destroying Pokemon habitats and actually successfully fought off armies of humans who were inadvertently threatening humans and encroaching on Pokemon territory.


Surprisingly, the four Pokemon were inspired by the Three Musketeers (who actually had four members, as well.) Cobalion represents Athos, the leader of the group, Terrakion represents the strongest member Porthos, and Virizion represents the romantic Aramis. Keldeo was inspired by d'Artagnan, the youngest member of the group and the protagonist of the Three Musketeers and its sequels.

It's unclear whether these Pokemon will rotate from region to region like other trios or if they will be limited to one set of continents. Earlier this year, Pokemon Go introduced the Lake Trio (another set of Legendary Pokemon) as Pokemon that were only exclusive to one region. It's also possible that Keldeo will be seperated from the group, since it is a Mythical Pokemon while the other three are Legendary Pokemon. We'll likely have more information soon, especially as Pokemon Go's Halloween event ends tomorrow.

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