Dungeons & Dragons Introduces New Chronurgist Subclass for Wizards

The next Dungeons & Dragons publication will have a brand new wizard subclass - the Chronurgist. In just over two months, Dungeons & Dragons will release Explorer's Guide to Wildemount, a new campaign setting book that explores the world of Critical Role. The new book also breaks down different aspects of Dunamancy, a type of magic focused on the manipulation of gravity, time, and possibility. Explorer's Guide to Wildemount will have several Dunamancy-related subclasses, including the Chronurgist, a wizard subclass focused on the manipulation of time.

"Imagine a wizard that has natural instincts to help them speed up in the moment to help them in their initiative," Critical Role DM Matt Mercer said in a recent D&D Beyond video breaking down the Chronurgist. "They have a feature that can temporarily send an opponent into a moment of stasis, freezing time for a moment on their aggressor." Chronurgists also have the ability to lock a spell in time and hand it off to another party member for them to use in battle.

"They're not ripping the cosmos apart," Mercer explained in the video. "It's about having those abilities beyond spellcraft to adjust, manipulate, and take control of small pockets of time in their vicinity and around themself to their advantage."

When discussing some of the inspirations for this subclass, Mercer noted that while there are spells that can manipulate time (such as haste and slow), time is an ever-present part of D&D. "Every adventurer is racing against time to finish their current goal," Mercer said. "Kingdoms rise and fall and crumble into ruins over a long passage of time. Time is a thing that is ever-present, but it isn't really explored as a facet of arcane focus on a larger scale than I think some of the other main schools of magic are."


Explorer's Guide to Wildemount will be released on March 16th. Pre-orders are live on Amazon now (currently 40% off).

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