Pokemon Comic Provides Perfect Origin for Galarian Moltres

A fanmade comic has given Galarian Moltres the perfect origin story. Last week, the Pokemon Company revealed that Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres will all have new regional Galarian forms in the upcoming Crown Tundra DLC, which will be released later this year. This marks the first time that any Legendary Pokemon has been given a regional-variant form, and all three Pokemon look radically different due to some sort of unknown effect. Articuno appears to have sinister-looking feathers that resemble a mask over its eyes, while Zapdos's legs are much more robust and apt for running. Meanwhile, Moltres's flams have changed color, and a comic posted on Reddit has provided an amazing reason.

The five-panel comic made by "/u/Robbedob" shows Moltres coming across Marnie and deciding to join Team Yell to support her. Moltres's coloring changes to match that of Team Yell, and the Legendary bird becomes a full-throated supporter of Marnie, just like other Team Yell members.

Galarian Moltres' origin (oc) from r/pokemon

Marnie quickly became a fan-favorite when she was first introduced as a secondary rival for the player character in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Team Yell served as her fans and impeded the player to keep them from completing all eight Pokemon gyms, although Marnie seemed more annoyed about her fans than grateful. After defeating Marnie several times, she eventually took over the Spikemuth gym as its leader and Team Yell helped the player during their confrontations with Chairman Rose near the end of the game.

While Galarian Moltres's origins seem to be tied to a large tree growing in the Crown Tundra, this hilarious comic provides a great alternative theory. We'll learn about Galarian Moltres's full origins later this year, and we'll have to see if its similar color scheme draws it into the same orbit as Team Yell.

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