Destiny 2's Corridors of Time Puzzle is Going Away

Over the last week, Destiny 2 players spent quite a bit of time solving the game's new "Corridors of Time" puzzle. The whole thing was a rather entertaining experience, as casual players and streamers took to Twitch and social media in order to solve Bungie's latest. It took several days for the game's community to crack the pathways through the Corridors of Time but, as a result, players unlocked the Exotic Quest and the game's new kinetic fusion rifle, Bastion. With the puzzle now solved, Bungie has announced that the Corridors of Time will be removed starting January 28th. Players that want to receive Bastion will simply have to talk to Saint-14 to directly access the Exotic Quest, minus the whole exploration aspect.

On social media, the replies to Bungie's announcement show that a lot of fans are miffed about the whole thing! The Corridors of Time puzzle was a unifying experience for the game's community, but taking it down right after players solved it and making it so that anyone can just avoid the entire process makes the whole thing seem rather pointless. Fans really enjoyed the puzzle, and the consensus seemed to be that the quest was worth the time and effort, but this new move doesn't seem to be sitting all that well with the fanbase.

Making things all the more bizarre, The Corridors of Time likely took up a lot of development time. For Bungie to create that map only to make it available for two weeks before closing it off to all players seems like a bit of a waste for everyone involved. And then, of course, there were Destiny 2 streamers like Gladd, who went against Bungie's repeated requests to take a break from streaming, opting instead to continue working overtime to get things solved. All in all, it's hard to disagree with players who now find all that effort to have been a bit redundant.


Of course, not everyone seems to think the puzzle was a waste of time. Gladd took to Twitter to thank everyone involved in solving the Corridors of Time puzzle. Regardless of Bungie's decision after the fact, it was amazing to see the game's community so unified.

Did you check out the Corridors of Time puzzle? Are you pleased with the outcome of the latest quest? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

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