An Untitled Goose Game LEGO Set Might Happen if Enough People Vote for It

Someone has come up with an idea for a LEGO set that immortalizes the hit indie Untitled Goose Game, and if enough people will it into existence, it might just become a real product. The concept for the Untitled Goose Game set was submitted to the LEGO Ideas program for consideration by the LEGO team and LEGO enthusiasts and shows the goose wreaking havoc once again on its village. The set has already passed several milestones by reaching nearly 4,500 supporters who want to see it become a reality.

A creator by the name of A Fellow Player submitted the design to the LEGO Ideas program which can be seen here. Several images show the groundskeeper from the game putting up signs saying there are no geese allowed, but the antagonizing protagonist we know simply as Goose is undeterred.

Some of the props pulled from the game and included in this theoretical LEGO kit include an apple, a goose sign, a bush, a spoon, a hammer, and a key. The user who uploaded the design said “some difficulties came with the printing” and that the post would be updated when they’re fixed.

Untitled Goose Game LEGO
(Photo: LEGO Ideas)

Whatever difficulties emerged didn’t seem to deter anyone from voting for the concept though. At the time of publication, the post has 4,464 supporters who think it should be reviewed by the LEGO team and eventually turned into a real kit. It’s got to reach 10,000 votes before it’s reviewed by LEGO, but it’s got 590 days left to get that many votes which isn’t bad at all since it’s already halfway there.

It’s also been endorsed as a Lego Ideas Staff Pick which doesn’t add any weight to the actual votes themselves but absolutely doesn’t hurt when you have the LEGO Ideas Team behind whatever you’ve come up with.

When reached by IGN for a comment about the LEGO set idea, Jake Strasser, a developer from the House House studio which created Untitled Goose Game, said they’re all for it.


“Not only do we approve of a goose LEGO set, we're very very excited about it!" Strasser said. "A Lego version of the goose game would be a childhood dream come true. We'd actually talked just after release about submitting our own design to Ideas - so it was a very nice surprise when this popped up last week.”

Untitled Goose Game is now available for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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