Cancelled Last of Us Animated Movie Leaks Online

An animated movie short for The Last of Us was reportedly in the works at Sony, but was -- for some reason -- cancelled, or at least that's what new leaked images suggest. Today, new images of a cancelled Last of Us movie were uploaded onto the Internet by animation studio Oddfellows. Quickly, the images started to make the rounds, prompting Oddfellows to pull them, but, as you will know, the Internet keeps a receipt of everything. More specifically, the slew of images were uploaded on the animation studio's website under its portfolio page. And according to the page, it and Sony were working on a collaborative animated short that would serve as a "strong bridge" between the first game in the series and the upcoming sequel. Basically, it would serve as a "previously on," but for whatever reason it was canned and now only lives on via these a collection of images.

“In anticipation of The Last of Us II, we were asked to create a compelling short film depicting the main characters Joel and Ellie as they retell their dramatic story chronicled in the original game,” said Oddfellows of the images.

Further salient details aren't really disclosed, but the animation studios notes The Animatrix and the Blade Runner 2049 animated prequel were sources of inspiration for the project, and it shows in the images, which you can check out below:

“Our proposal was to reinterpret each of the chapters of the game with a unique visual treatment," adds Oddfellows. "Using singular narrative devices would allow us to bridge the styles and travel seamlessly between the past and present. Ultimately Sony decided not to move forward with this project."

As mentioned above, the page has since been pulled, but it and additional details and media of the project can viewed right here.


At the moment of publishing, Sony has not commented on the leak, and thus we don't know why it ultimately decided to cancel the promising animated short.


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