‘New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’ Features Revealed

We’ve been hearing about it for some time, but during a previous Nintendo Direct, the publisher [...]

We've been hearing about it for some time, but during a previous Nintendo Direct, the publisher confirmed that New Super Mario Bros. U would make its debut on the Switch early next year with a special Deluxe edition, featuring additional characters and the returning Super Luigi U stages. But apparently, the port of the hit Wii U game will have more going for it than that.

Super Mario

We've come across some new features that will make the game an even bigger draw than ever before, opening up new levels of accessibility to certain players. Let's go through the rundown and see what the most important new additions are:

Any character can be used in single player

In the past, Mario games have focused on, well, Mario. But Deluxe will apparently let you pick from any character of your choosing right off the bat, even Toadette. This is good news for those that want to pick a particular favorite -- especially if you remember how Super Mario Bros. 2 on the NES let you do that.

Mario can now be played in Super Luigi U levels.

Again, in the past, the game titled after the main character focused on that character. But with Deluxe, you can now go with Mario in the Luigi U levels and show him how platforming is done. But be careful tho -- these stages offer a higher degree of difficulty. Much higher.

New Super Luigi U levels start at 200 seconds instead of 100.

This is sure to help some players out that are getting started with Super Luigi U for the first time. In the past, you only had about 100 seconds to get to the goal; and if it ran out, well, you were dead. But now that it's 200, you have a little more leniency. But, again, mind the difficulty, because it's hard.

Buttons can be remapped at the pause menu.

This is likely to be a big deal with players that want to have the "A" button as jump, or the run button set to something else, in case they're playing in handheld mode or something along those lines. It can make a world of difference -- just ask anyone that's played Mega Man Collection on the GameCube. Yoinks.

These features, along with the two full games and the bonus characters, should really bring players in droves when New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe releases on January 11, 2019 for Nintendo Switch. Are you up to the challenge?!