The Witcher Season 3 Production Will Begin in Early 2022

The second season of Netflix's The Witcher TV series is set to debut on the streaming platform at the end of 2021, but those at Netflix are already gearing up to begin working on Season 3. Specifically, it seems like the team behind the show is currently aiming to start production in the early months of 2022. 

According to a production schedule that was recently unearthed by Redanian Intelligence, Season 3 of The Witcher is currently poised to enter the production phase beginning in the first quarter of 2022. This means that filming could begin at any point between January 2022 or March 2022 based on Netflix's current estimation. Again, it's worth stressing that this is only an estimation after all since production schedules can change on a dime. This is especially true given the current state of the world when it comes to the ongoing pandemic. 

With this filming window now in mind, it's hard to know when Season 3 of The Witcher will actually end up coming to Netflix. In all likelihood, an arrival at some point in 2023 seems to be quite likely. Typically for a television series of this nature, filming will last for months before the post-production phase then kicks off. Shows that are then being worked on in post-production often takes months of work as well before the show ever ends up being shown to viewers. So while this could very well change in the future, it seems like we shouldn't expect to see Season 3 arrive at any point next year. 

Luckily, Season 2 of The Witcher isn't too far away and will be arriving in a little under two months. If you didn't already have the show's return date circled on your calendar, it's set to come back to Netflix on December 17.

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