Xbox 'Career' System in the Works, Level Up and Earn Avatar Loot Crates

Microsoft is currently testing new features that help take achievements beyond a simple [...]


Microsoft is currently testing new features that help take achievements beyond a simple gamerscore. The upcoming Career System aims to take the already established gamerscore system and make it even better for Xbox One players. This aims to give a more fulfilling gamer experience while providing even more to strive for.

How it will reportedly work is that gamers will level up through the career system, which runs mechanically similar to many games with "prestige" mode. This leveling can be done by playing games, completing certain objectives, and more. The higher up Xbox players get on that career ladder, the more rewards will b e unlocked - such as cosmetic items for the revamped Avatar system!

According to Windows Central, the new program will be through a subdomain of Xbox Live called (*which isn't live yet) and will work towards facilitating a much more rewarding experience, a game within a game while gamers game on their favourite games - makes sense?

(Photo: Windows Central)

The way it will allegedly work actually does look really appealing. When the new Avatar system was first unveiled, many Xbox fans were excited to see the return of a favourite feature on the Xbox 360. The Avatar community gives an all new layer of immersion for the Xbox experience, letting players create toons based off of themselves (or based off of what they wish to be) to give the platform more of an individualised personality.

Each level unlocks certain achievements that will be tracked alongside the normal gamerscore system. It won't replace the gamerscore, it will be in addition to it. For exclusive customisables and more, this provides an incentive to get some serious gaming in - while also providing a playful new dimension to the video game system. With the progress being made at a rapid rate, it is very possible that we could learn more about this coming feature at this year's E3 this summer!

The revamped Avatars system is expected to drop early 2018.