Funko's Winnie the Pooh Diamond Collection Eeyore Pop Is Sad but Sparkly


How could one be both sparkly and sad? Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh manages it with this Hot Topic exclusive Disney Diamond Collection Funko Pop, which is available to order right here while supplies last (which probably won't be long). UPDATE: Sold out, but there are listings on eBay for the standard and Chase versions if you simply must have it.

If you're lucky, you'll get the full color chase version pictured above (it will be packaged and shipped randomly), otherwise you'll get the grayscale version pictured below. Either way, Diamond Collection Pops are limited editions and a sell out is highly likely on this one, so jump on it while you can.


On a related note, the latest exclusive Disney Treasures Box from Funko and Hot Topic is all about The Lion King animated classic, and it includes an absolutely stellar Scar With Flames Deluxe Pop figure in standard and Chase versions (the red Chase version is pictured below and will be packaged and shipped randomly). You can order The Lion King Disney Treasures Funko box right here for $32.90 while supplies last (currently part of a buy two, get one free deal).


Hopefully you'll hit the jackpot and get that spectacular red Scar with Flames variant, but as you'll see on the product page, the standard version is definitely worth the price of admission. In addition to the Pop figure, the box also includes a Zazu in a rib cage Mystery Mini, an Ed Pocket Pop key chain and a luau Timon figure that wobbles as he does the hula.


The Hot Topic exclusive Lion King Disney Treasures box follows a big box full of gear from the original animated Aladdin, which includes a Jafar as the Serpent Movie Moment Pop figure. At the time of writing you can add this box to your collection for only $15, which is 54% off the list price.

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