Baby Yoda Animatronic Edition Toy Figure Launches Today


With New York Toy Fair 2020 set to kick off this weekend, Hasbro got out ahead of the rush and announced a big new addition to their lineup of Baby Yoda toys from the Disney+ series Star Wars: The Mandalorian. The Baby Yoda / The Child Animatronic Edition figure features sounds and motorized sequences that are activated by touching the top of it's adorable head.

There are 25 sound and motion combinations in all, including those impossibly cute giggles and babbles from the show backed up with head, ears, and eye motion. The animatronic Baby Yoda will also mimic using the Force by closing its eyes, raising its arm, and sighing "as if exerting a great amount of energy". Finally, if you lay Baby Yoda down it will close its eyes and take a "Force nap."

UPDATE: Pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth / Best Buy / Amazon for $59.99 with shipping slated for December. You can see the toy in action below. ORIGINAL: The Baby Yoda / The Child Animatronic Edition Toy is expected to be available for pre-order starting at 1pm EST (10am PST) today, February 20th at retailers like Amazon and Walmart with shipping slated for sometime in the fall. The timing may change, but we will update this post with specific pre-order links when they become available.

Also, make sure to keep tabs on our Gear page as there are many other Star Wars toys coming out of Toy Fair today, including The Mandalorian Operation and Trouble board games, LEGO sets, action figures, and the long awaited Darksaber electronic lightsaber. Stay tuned!


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