Funko Pop Smokey Bear Says "Only You Can Prevent Wildfires"


Funko's latest figure in the wildly POPular Ad Icons series is none other than Smokey Bear, who has been reminding us to help prevent forest fires / wildfires since 1944. If you do the math, that means Smokey turned 75 this year!

Pre-orders for the figure are live right here with shipping slated for February. Note that the Pop is officially licensed by the Forest Service, so it's a pretty safe bet that proceeds will go towards their programs. On that note, look for an exclusive flocked version of the Smokey Bear Pop to hit Hot Topic sometime in the next few months. Here's hoping we get McGruff the Crime Dog and Woodsy Owl Pop figures in the near future.


In related news, 13 years after his tragic death, Steve "The Crocodile Hunter" Irwin continues to be an inspiration thanks to his work with animals, his conservation efforts, and his unbridled enthusiasm. His family continues that work at the Australia Zoo, and their efforts will undoubtedly be supported by the recently unveiled Steve Irwin Funko Pop.


Actually there are two The Crocodile Hunter Funko Pops - one with Steve holding a crocodile and a Chase version (1 /6 rarity) holding a turtle. Pre-orders are live right here with shipping slated for November. Again, note that the Australia Zoo is owned by Terri Irwin, so we would expect that some of the proceeds from the sale and or licensing of this Pop figure should go towards their programs.

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