'Child's Play' Trailer Debuts Mark Hamill's Chilling Chucky Voice

The first full trailer for the highly-anticipated Child's Play reboot arrived online Thursday morning, offering fans a glimpse at the terror that is set to unfold in theaters this summer. Along with teasing the plot of the film, which includes a much bigger tie to technology than fans of the franchise might have expected, the trailer also shared the first sound bite from Chucky himself. Spoiler alert: He sounds horrifying.

Fans of the franchise have been incredibly excited to hear what the new Chucky sounds like, as it was announced last month that Star Wars and Joker legend Mark Hamill would be providing the voice for the character. The actor teased the doll's laugh on social media not long ago, but the actual voice hadn't been revealed. That changed on Thursday.

At the end of the trailer, a shadow covers Chucky and he delivers just two words, "Goodnight, Andy." He didn't say very much, but it was enough to send chills down the spine of everyone watching.

While this new Chucky may be enticing for fans, not everyone faithful to the franchise is on board, mainly because this reboot doesn't involve original creators Don Mancini, David Kirschner, and Brad Dourif. The reboot has been underway without them, and they chose to focus their efforts on a TV series instead.

“MGM retained the rights to the first movie, so they’re rebooting that,” Mancini said on the Post Mortem Podcast. “They asked David Kirschner and I if we wanted to be executive producers. We said no thank you, because we have our ongoing thriving business with Chucky. Obviously my feelings were hurt. Ya know, I had just done two movies… forgive me if I sound defensive, [they] were both at 83 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Even though they didn’t get theatrical releases, they were well regarded. And I did create the character and nurture the franchise for three fucking decades.”

What do you think of the new Child's Play trailer? Let us know in the comments!

Child's Play hits theaters on June 21st.



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