'American Horror Story': Emma Roberts Returning as Madison Montgomery for Season 8

Much to the rejoice of fans, it was announced last week that the eighth season of American Horror Story would be a crossover between two of the most beloved installments in franchise history, Murder House (Season 1), and Coven (Season 3). In addition to the return of the popular themes, it looks like one of the show's most diabolical characters is making a comeback.

That's right, the socialite you love to hate, Madison Montgomery, is returning for Season 8.

On Sunday night, during the latest episode of AHS creator Ryan Murphy's new series, Pose, Emma Roberts posted a video on her Instagram to announce her return. Wearing the dark, Coven-style dress, the actress said, "Surprise, bitch. Bet you thought you'd seen the last of me."

Even if that line didn't have any context pertaining to the series, it would still seem as though Roberts was confirming that she's once again play Madison Montgomery. However, if you think back to Season 3, you'll remember that the same line was used when Madison returned from the dead and appeared to Fiona.

It's exciting to know that Madison will be back for another round, but she's not the only one. According to Murphy, all of the witches from the season have been asked to come back.

While Roberts and Murphy were having a playful exchange on Twitter, and Murphy was taking fan questions regarding AHS and Pose, one user brought up the subject of Taissa Farmiga, who starred in Coven as Zoe. The tweet addressed Murphy and said, "I need to know if Taissa Farmiga is on this???"

Murphy quoted the tweet and answered, "All the witches are being asked back." The tweet has since been deleted.

ryan murphy ahs
(Photo: Ryan Murphy/Twitter)

While that seemingly confirms the return of Madison, Zoe, Queenie, and the other fan-favorite witches, it does pose an even bigger question: Does this mean Jessica Lange is returning to American Horror Story?!


Lange spent the better part of four years as the leading lady of the AHS franchise, quickly becoming a favorite amongst the show's fans. The past three seasons have taken place without Lange's involvement. If the witched are returning to the fold, this could be the right time for her to make a comeback of her own, reprising her role as Fiona. It's worth noting that she's also an incredibly important character in the Murder House storyline, which could give her even another reason to return.

Are you excited for Season 8 of American Horror Story? Which Coven or Murder House character are you hoping to see? Let us know in the comments below!