'American Werewolf in London' Remake Writer Reveals How He's Changing the Original

Filmmaker Max Landis is currently accepting an ambitious endeavor by crafting a remake of a film his father made, An American Werewolf in London. After months of teasing fans about his progress on the project, Max took to Twitter to share not only that he finished the first draft of the project, but revealed some of the changes he plans to make.

max landis american werewolf in london remake
(Photo: Twitter, Uptomyknees)

After confirming that the first draft was finished, some of his followers began asking him questions and sharing thoughts about the original film.

In the original film, two American backpackers stop at a pub in the rural English countryside, only to be warned of dangers that lurk on the moors. The backpackers ignore this warning, leading to the pair being attacked. Later in the film, the pubgoers are able to quickly kill the attacking werewolf, causing a variety of questions about the motives of those who live in the nearby community.

"Answering this question and the nature of the village’s role in the plot in the second and third act as of now are the biggest changes I’ve made to the original structure," Landis replied on Twitter. "I always wondered about that Pentagram. Doing some fun stuff.”

If developing a remake to a beloved film isn't difficult enough, taking on a film made by your father poses even more challenges, causing John to discourage his son from accepting the project.

"Truthfully, I’ve not seen his script. I advised him not to do it. I think he’s putting himself in a bad position," John revealed to Collider earlier this year.

"My son is brilliant, he really is, and he wants to do it," Landis continued. "So what am I going to say? No? I know it won’t be as bad as An American Werewolf In Paris, which was sh*t. So, I don’t know. He’s a great writer. He’s been writing since he was 7. He wrote a whole series of scripts about these characters called Yelp and Dopey, two dumb dogs, when he was under ten. They were so funny."


Whether Max will craft future drafts and eventually create the actual film is yet to be seen.

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