New 'Ash vs. Evil Dead' Character Helps Solve 'Army of Darkness' Mystery

The Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead has taken the character introduced in the Evil Dead films on [...]

The Starz series Ash vs. Evil Dead has taken the character introduced in the Evil Dead films on all-new adventures, with the upcoming season potentially solving a mystery fans have been wondering about for decades. The cast of the series recently confirmed how an all-new character ties into the saga's history.

***WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead for Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3***

In the originalThe Evil Dead, Ash (Bruce Campbell) headed to a cabin with his friends when, after accidentally stumbling upon the Necronomicon, an ancient evil emerged from the woods to possess the cabin's visitors. In the third film, Army of Darkness, audiences learned this was no accident, as Ash had been prophesized as the "Chosen One" in an ancient text.

Season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead features our hero meeting his daughter, who possibly ties into this ancient prophecy.

"See, there's this prophecy you'll hear about in the show and Brandy's a very important part of that prophecy," Arielle Carver-O'Neill, who plays Ash's daughter Brandy, revealed to Bloody Disgusting. "Ruby [Lucy Lawless] needs Brandy on her side, but she can't just blatantly do that. She emotionally manipulates Brandy while she's going through all of these vulnerable emotions and in this very confusing time in her life. Ruby's taking advantage of that to mold Brandy to fulfill the plan that she has. Ruby needs Brandy to kill Ash."

While it's unclear if this prophecy is also discussed in the same ancient text that appeared in Army of Darkness or merely a prophecy conjured by Ruby, we're sure to get more information about why Ash is the "Chosen One." Campbell himself echoed these comments about what makes Ash so unique.

"Ash isn't just a loser in a trailer park – his picture is in an ancient book. Why? Why is he foretold? He's the average man, he's nobody," Campbell teases. "So it's a little more finding out about that. We introduce the Knights of Sumeria, a new group that's fighting evil that also thinks he's the prophesized one, which Ash bristles against because they're talking eternal sh-t and he just wants to go bowling."

Whether or not the series will get a fourth season is unknown, so we hope to see some of these answers about the original trilogy addressed in the new season.

Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 premieres Sunday, February 25 at 9:00 PM ET on Starz.

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