Chosen Jacobs Details the Experience of Diving Into the World of 'Castle Rock'

Hulu's Castle Rock is cashing in on the world of Stephen King not only with the series' narrative and its links to the author's famous works, but also by recruiting actors who portrayed defining characters in various King adaptations. Chosen Jacobs debuted in last year's IT as Mike Hanlon, a role he'll reprise in next year's IT: Chapter Two, though the actor found time in his acting schedule to join the Hulu series as Wendell Deaver. The actor recently revealed how his involvement in the series compared to last year's immensely successful film.

"It was just two totally different experiences. Working with the cast of IT, you have a little more of that child energy, and that's kind of what the film needed," Jacobs shared with "I think that was what made it special was that you had that real, genuine fun, child-like energy. Versus being on the set of Castle Rock, the energy there ... Behind the camera, we still have fun. We crack jokes and things like that, but there is more of a serious energy on set just because that's the energy we want to come across the screen. So I feel like at least for me, and then what I've noticed is normally whatever energy you want the film or whatever project you're working on, you have to kind of reciprocate in just the energy on set, and the tone."

In IT, a group of bullied teens bands together as the Losers' Club to confront an evil entity that has been terrorizing the town of Derry, Maine, only to be forced to confront their fears once again 27 years later. In King's novel, the story took place in the "present," using flashbacks to show the young friends battling the entity, intertwining the two timelines into one narrative.

Director Andy Muschietti instead focused on the young characters so that for the upcoming sequel, audiences have a strong emotional connection to these friends.

Castle Rock explores another King locale which plays a part in many of King's stories, with the series aiming to show audiences the types of characters that would subject themselves to the bizarre occurrences depicted in his tales.

As compared to the youthful cast of IT, Castle Rock allowed Jacobs the opportunity to learn from seasoned King veterans.

"Especially being the leading [characters], like Mr. Andre [Holland], and Bill [Skasrgard], and Miss Sissy [Spacek], their job is to even set the tone for what they want the project to be, so it was an awesome experience just to get kind of mentored, just seeing how does the professional even act on set," Jacobs noted. "Just because I'm new to L.A., and acting, and things like that, it's always a great experience to learn from just more seasoned actors. How they behave on set, off set, and things like that. So it was a lot of fun. I feel like I learned a lot, and I made a lot of cool friends on set. For both projects."


You can see Jacobs' debut on Castle Rock when a new episode debuts on Hulu this Wednesday.

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