Daft Punk to Score Dario Argento's New Horror Movie

tron legacy daft punk
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Just as important to a Dario Argento film as its visuals and its story is its score, with the director recently confirming that electronic duo Daft Punk will be crafting the score for his upcoming film Black Glasses. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the production tht was planned for May has now been pushed back to September. Argento has collaborated with many iconic composers, including Goblin and Ennio Morricone, while Daft Punk previously composed the score for the cult-classic TRON: Legacy. The upcoming project marks the first feature film from Argento since 2012's Dracula 3D, which starred the late Rutger Hauer.

"They are my admirers, they know all my cinema," Argento revealed to Repubblica about the duo's involvement, per The Film Stage. "They heard from French friends that I was shooting a new film and called me [to say], 'We want to work with you.'"

The filmmaker also went on to tease what audiences could expect from the film, which would be a more grounded experience than some of his more supernatural endeavors.

"It will be my return to crime films," Argento admitted. "It's the adventure, in the nocturnal Rome, of a Chinese girl and child. In the second part, the escape takes them into the rocky, bushy countryside of Lazio. [It's] different from the sweetness of the Tuscan valleys, but for me beautiful."

Prior to Dracula 3D, Argento delivered audiences Giallo in 2009 and Mother of Tears in 2007. Despite his output dwindling in recent years, the filmmaker has delivered horror fans a series of seminal films, including Deep Red, Tenebrae, and Four Flies on Grey Velvet. One of his most famous films, Suspiria, earned a remake from Luca Guadagnino in 2018, which left Argento less than impressed.

"To me, the remake of Suspiria doesn't look like a well-realized project. It lacks fear, music, tension, and scenic creativity," the filmmaker shared with Interview Magazine last year. "Films like Get Out and Hereditary have struck me for their beautiful photography, their plot, and their production."

The filmmaker often expressed that, while some elements of the remake were competent, he didn't fell all of the disparate elements came together effectively.

"I saw the remake of Suspiria at the cinema. It did not excite me, it betrayed the spirit of the original film: there is little fear, there is no music," Argento shared with Radio Rai 1's Un Giorno da Pecora. "The film has not satisfied me so much, it's like that, a refined film, like Guadagnino, who is a fine person."


Stay tuned for details on Black Glasses.

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