Expedition Bigfoot: Jane Goodall Offers Shocking Information in Season Premiere Clip (Exclusive)

Tales surrounding the mythical Bigfoot have caused many to dismiss the creature as nothing more than a work of fiction or urban legend, especially due to the challenges surrounding the quest for physical evidence of the beast. Despite those naysayers, famed primatologist Jane Goodall has her own anecdotal evidence about the potential possibility of these creatures existing, with an exclusive clip from the upcoming Season 3 premiere of Expedition Bigfoot seeing Goodall reveal a shocking exchange about the possible existence of such creatures. Check out the exclusive clip from Expedition Bigfoot above before the series returns on the Travel Channel and discovery+ on March 20th.

Per press release, "A year after devastating wildfires forced the team to evacuate the Olympic Peninsula, just as they unearthed fascinating new evidence, acclaimed primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor and Bigfoot experts Bryce Johnson, Ronny LeBlanc, and Russell Acord return to Washington State in Season 3 of Expedition Bigfoot premiering Sunday, March 20th on Travel Channel and streaming on discovery+.

"The new season kicks off with a special 'New Evidence' pre-show at 9 p.m. ET, looking back at their journey and including a surprising conversation with renowned primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall and Dr. Mayor and then launches into the season premiere at 10 p.m. ET. The season spans 16 one-hour episodes including the pre- and post-season specials that recap all the evidence collected.

"Knowing of her interest in cryptid animals, especially hominids, Dr. Mireya Mayor, Expedition Bigfoot resident scientist, contacted her long-time friend and colleague, Dr. Goodall, to discuss her beliefs and personal investigations. During the unprecedented on-camera interview, Goodall revealed that she has been told many unexplained stories of human-like primates from native people living in the jungles of South America and does not discount them."

"Just about every country had Bigfoot sightings," said Goodall. "And I met people that have said they have seen something like Bigfoot or Sasquatch."

"In fact, Dr. Goodall believes these could be highly intelligent creatures, which would explain why no remains have been found to date, and embraces the team continuing the search."

"I approach this expedition with a healthy level of skepticism and an open mind examining all our evidence through the lens of science,", said Mayor. "But science cannot explore closed doors and, like Jane, I believe that it's not about proving or disproving, it's about maintaining the curiosity and wonder of exploration that is necessary to make new discoveries. Having a giant in primatology, like Jane, say she believes they could exist and express support for our research only re-emphasizes the importance of this and invigorates our investigation."

"Encouraged by a notable discovery from the previous expedition, the team devises a new plan to rouse a Bigfoot from hiding and prove these elusive creatures are not a myth but a reality. In the season premiere, 'Strange Returns,' the team returns to the Olympic Peninsula with a new plan to draw out Bigfoot by releasing primate pheromones via a specially modified drone. But after LeBlanc and Mayor see something watching them from above, and Accord is blindsided by a nighttime visitor, it becomes clear -- the hunters are now the hunted."

Check out the new season of Expedition Bigfoot when it premieres on Travel Channel and discovery+ on March 20th.

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