Halloween Franchise Star Still Hopes to Return for a New Sequel

Actress Danielle Harris debuted in the Halloween franchise in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers as the daughter of Jamie Lee Curtis' Laurie Strode. She went on to reprise the role in the film's sequel, in addition to appearing in Rob Zombie's Halloween remake films. This tied her with Curtis for the number of appearances in the franchise, both of which had one less than Donald Pleasence's five appearances. Last year's Halloween saw the return of Curtis, in addition to original director John Carpenter as a producer, though Harris was absent from the endeavor. With news of more sequels in the franchise being developed, Harris expressed her interest in returning to the series in some capacity.

danielle harris halloween franchise sequel

"I can’t believe they’re making another Halloween," Harris shared on Twitter. "Maybe one day they’ll bring me back as Jamie!! I think we should start a petition! Who wants to???"

She added, "Ya know, I did hear a rumor that one of her daughters was 'Jamie' in the 2018 script...I never saw it, but I’ve been told a few times about it. Anyone else hear this?"

The follow-up comment was in reference to her character being Jamie Lloyd in the original films, with her first name clearly being a reference to Jamie Lee Curtis.

The initial comments she shared about the project back in 2017 were expressing her disappointment at not being contacted for any role.

“I mean, I am bummed that I’m not a part of something that could be super cool, especially if it’s the last one—that’s just so sad that it’s done—but I’ve done four movies," Harris noted in a YouTube video. "I’m more than happy with what I had from that franchise so far. Maybe one day I’ll meet Jamie Lee, we’ll see, but I definitely 100% will be at the theater checking it out.”

Following that initial disappointment, Harris admitted that she was just as passionate about the franchise as ever.

“I’ll absolutely go to the theater and see it for sure. I’m a fan first and foremost,” Harris told Daily Dead. “I am looking forward to them bringing it back to the way I think it needed to be. It kind of took a pretty intense hard left I would say, so I am looking forward to seeing it. I’m hoping that it goes back to the old school with Carpenter involved. I’m assuming that that’s going to be where they go with it. I always believe less is more, so maybe it’ll get a chance to do that and I really would love to see Michael back and in his original mask and see Jamie Lee back up there.”

A new film has yet to be confirmed, but rumors and reports claim a new film, possibly two, will be filmed this fall with David Gordon Green directing and Jamie Lee Curtis starring.


Stay tuned for details on the Halloween franchise.

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