Ryan Reynolds Praises His Parents John Krasinski and Emily Blunt's A Quiet Place: Part II Trailer

The brand new trailer for the anticipated sequel to the horror hit A Quiet Place has finally dropped, offering fans a glimpse of the future silent adventure of the Abbott family. The events of A Quiet Place: Part II pick up after the end of the first film, though John Krasinski's movie will also explore how society collapsed after the mysterious and monstrous creatures first arrived. And the intense trailer is already turning a lot of heads, including Deadpool franchise mastermind Ryan Reynolds.

The actor took to social media to praise the trailer for A Quiet Place: Part II, replying to Krasinksi's post with his lauding claims. Check it out below:

Reynolds' voice echoes the chorus of praise that arrived for the new trailer, and it seems like many people are excited to return to the world of the surprise horror hit. Many fans still have a lot of questions about the history of the sightless monsters with near-unbreakable skin. But Krasinski might be taking the opportunity to go in another direction.

The writer and director of the sequel, who also starred in the first film alongside his wife Emily Blunt, revealed that he will reveal new groups of survivors and see how this monster apocalypse has affected other people.

"The thought that occurred to me, that really excited me about it, was that most sequels are about the return of a hero or a villain," Krasinski shared with Deadline. "You take this character that people loved once and you bring them back, and you have to create a new world around them. We have the exact opposite setup. We have the world, and you can drop whoever you want into that world and everyone feels connected to it. The reason I decided to go back, in the end, was this world is so rich, and it's so much fun to explore. There are so many different things to see now. Everyone else in the world is experiencing this, so I'm curious to see what that looks like from another perspective."


While Krasinski remains behind the camera in this installment, Blunt reprises her role as the matriarch of the Abbott family as they leave their old surroundings behind and interact with new groups of survivors, some who may be just as dangerous as the monsters hunting them.

A Quiet Place: Part II premieres in theaters on March 20th.