'Stranger Things' Season 3 Villain Possibly Revealed

Since the series' debut, fans have known that the main antagonists in Stranger Things are the [...]

Since the series' debut, fans have known that the main antagonists in Stranger Things are the otherworldly creatures that dwell in the Upside Down. From government agencies to bullying classmates, other threats have emerged for our heroes, with peculiar IMDb credits possibly revealing who will be ancillary villains in Season Three of the series.

WARNING: Possible spoilers below for Stranger Things

Last month, one Reddit user noticed that the IMDb listing for the series included cast members for the upcoming third season, with some characters being described as "Russian Soldier," "Russian Guard," and "Russian Goon." Shortly after this information hit the internet, the description of many of these characters were shortened to "Soldier," "Guard," or "Goon."

What has piqued many fans' curiosities is that, while many references to Russia were scrubbed from the IMDb page, there remains one stunt performer who is credited as "Russian Guard," igniting speculation that Netflix aimed to remove references to Russia though one listing slipped through the cracks.

All this speculation could amount to nothing, as you don't need a specific level of clearance on IMDb to be able to modify a TV show's credits. The changing character names could all be chalked up to one person having a bit of fun and intentionally trying to rile up fans. However, it's possible that these clues could hint at major revelations in the third season.

The American government played a crucial role in previous seasons of the series, due in large part to organizations not only opening up a portal to the Upside Down, but also these organizations conducting experiments in which Eleven was treated like a lab rat. With the amount of time that has passed since the series began, it's possible that Russian scientists have discovered similar portals, or possibly heard about these American experiments and sent in some members of its military to exploit this knowledge.

Were this the case, it could raise suspicion as to why the Russian characters would need their identities concealed. However, the '80s saw Americans at high levels of paranoia, thinking that Russian spies had infiltrated our society. It's possible that the third season could lean into that angle, with characters emerging that are Russian spies whose identities aren't confirmed until later in the season.

As fans wait any official footage from the upcoming season, we're left to speculation until the third season premieres sometime in 2019.

Stay tuned for details on the third season of Stranger Things.

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