T-Mobile Launches Stranger Things-Themed Walkie Talkie Phone Cases Ahead of Season 3

The season three premiere of Stranger Things is only a matter of days away, and T-Mobile is giving fans a chance to bring some '80s nostalgia into their own life. On Monday, T-Mobile announced a special partnership with Netflix to manufacture limited edition T-ALKIE phone cases, which are inspired by the walkie-talkies used on the show.

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(Photo: T-Mobile / Netflix)
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(Photo: T-Mobile / Netflix)

The phone cases, which are exclusive to T-Mobile, have space for a phone in the bottom portion, and a slew of bells and whistles on the front - including a fully-extendable antenna - to resemble a real walkie-talkie. While the case might not fit in most pockets, T-Mobile does claim that it's "compatible in the Upside Down". The company also does warn that the T-ALKIE case is "not waterproof", and that "even Billy can't save it".

If you would like to adorn your phone with one of these T-ALKIE cases, just follow and keep an eye out on T-Mobile's Instagram and Twitter accounts on July 4th, the day when Stranger Things Season 3 officially debuts.

This is just the latest partnership that Stranger Things has set in motion ahead of Season 3, with the hit series also inspiring new menu options at Baskin-Robbins, a clothing collaboration with H&M, and even the return of New Coke. These promotions come as the show is set to hit a major narrative turning point, if comments from its cast and crew are any indication.

"I didn't think they could outdo themselves, and I didn't have the highest of expectations going into shooting it, and it is the biggest." series star David Harbour told ComicBook.com. "I guess the big question for me has always been like, okay, we killed the monster in season one, and then we closed the gate in season two. Are you really just going to repeat that?"

"Are you really just going to have another monster come into Hawkins?" Harbour continued. "How are you going to do that, guys? And they managed to do it in such an inventive way, in such a beautiful way. And this season is just ... The only words I can really think of are epic."


"Especially when you get around episode eight, there are moments where you're laughing and crying at the same time. Where I was yelling at the television screen, and I'm not that type of guy, but I think it really has outdone itself. And I would be very surprised if this wasn't your favorite season, and I'd certainly be very surprised if you didn't think that episode eight was the best thing we've ever shot, because I'm convinced that that episode is so, so unexpected, so beautiful, so big, so tight. Not a second of downtime, not a second where you're waiting for anything. To me, it's a masterpiece. Episode eight is a masterpiece."

Stranger Things Season 3 debuts on July 4th on Netflix.