'Hannibal' Creator Developing 'Vampire Chronicles' TV Series

In November of 2016, fans of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series of books were elated to [...]

In November of 2016, fans of Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles series of books were elated to discover that rights to the characters had reverted back to the author who immediately expressed her enthusiasm at turning the series into a TV show. Fans have even more reason to get excited, as Hannibal and American Gods showrunner Bryan Fuller is helping the Rice family develop the series' pilot.

"We bought 11 novels as part of the Vampire Chronicles initiative," Paramount president Amy Powell shared with The Hollywood Reporter. "Bryan Fuller is working with Anne Rice and [her son] Chris, who are writing the pilot. We are hoping he chooses to stay on and potentially showrun."

The most popular adaptation of Rice's work is the 1994 film Interview with the Vampire, starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, based on the 1976 book of the same name. The adaptation resulted in critical and financial success, with co-star Kirsten Dunst earning herself a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Golden Globe Awards at only 12 years old.

In the years since that adaptation, the Twilight series and True Blood series have both proven just how effective and exciting stories of love and vampires can be, making it seem like an obvious decision to adapt more of Rice's stories.

"It is undeniable that Anne Rice has created the paradigm against which all vampire stories are measured. The rich and vast world she has created with The Vampire Chronicles is unmatched and sophisticated with '90s gothic undertones that will be perfectly suited to captivate audiences," Powell shared with Deadline last year. "The series is full of compelling characters led by Lestat, arguably one of the greatest original characters, literary or otherwise."

Said Anne Rice: "In this unique golden age of television, I couldn't ask for a finer or more passionate team to help bring my beloved vampire hero, Lestat, alive in a series of the highest quality. This is a dream come true, both for me and for Christopher and for the fans who have been asking to see the Brat Prince in this medium for years."

Added Christopher Rice: "The first great day for me on this project was when my mother asked me to partner with her on it. The second, is the announcement of this thrilling partnership with Paramount Television and Anonymous Content. For decades now, fans of The Vampire Chronicles have been clamoring for a long-form television adaptation of this galaxy of content."

Given Fuller's mastery of blending romance with the macabre, he makes the perfect choice to help develop this series.

Stay tuned for details about The Vampire Chronicles.

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