Witchfinder General Getting Remake From John Hillcoat and Nicolas Winding Refn

The effectiveness of iconic horror stories allows them to be reinvented over time, with each [...]

The effectiveness of iconic horror stories allows them to be reinvented over time, with each generation putting their own spin on classic tales. The same can be said of horror movies, as memorable characters regularly come to life in various projects, and with seminal films such as Dracula and Frankenstein merely being adaptations of famous horror novels. Recent years have seen major studios attempting to breathe life into well-known properties, whether they be familiar slasher series or the original Universal Monsters, ultimately leading towards lesser-known titles in the genre to become the next target for remakes. Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn has set his sights on producing a remake of the Vincent Price-starring Witchfinder General, which Lawless director John Hillcoat is attached to direct, per Deadline.

The outlet describes the film, "Set in 1645 Norfolk, England, it was a fictionalized study of real-life witch hunter Matthew Hopkins and the heinous crimes he committed during the English Civil War. Torture and violence featured heavily in the original film, which stirred controversy, and the censors, in the UK." The film is based on the novel by Ronald Bassett.

Price is one of the most prominent figures in horror, having previously starred in films such as The House on Haunted Hill, The Fly, and House of Wax. With each of these films already having earned remakes, it comes as no surprise that more of Price's films are being developed for new perspectives.

"I am excited to work with fellow filmmaker Nic Refn, a maverick auteur and who, together with Rupert Preston, have been fully committed to independent cinema over the years," Hillcoat shared in a statement. "I'm drawn to the dynamic departures behind this remake. The idea of a world pushed to extremes where fear preys upon all, unleashing religious fanaticism, rival factions, tribalism, heretics, and witch hunts… feels strangely familiar in today's world."

Preston did note, however, that rather than being a direct reinterpretation of the source material, this new take on the concept would be a reimagining.

"We're huge fans of John's work and thrilled that John and his company, Blank Films, have come on board," Preston shared. "It's an incredibly powerful and iconic piece and is now a re-imagining of the original film rather than a straight remake. It is set to excite and resonate with a worldwide audience."

Stay tuned for details on the Witchfinder General remake.

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