Captain America Star Chris Evans Tried Grooming His Dog: "It Went So Wrong, So Fast"

Everyone's lives have taken a different shape during the current COVID-19 pandemic, especially as a lot of non-essential businesses remain closed or severely restricted. If you've resorted to cutting your own hair - or the hair of a loved one - during this time and aren't happy with the results, you can take comfort in knowing that Chris Evans is in the same boat. The Captain America and Knives Out star took to Twitter on Monday to share a photo of his dog, Dodger, after he attempted to groom the dog's fur. As Evans jokes in the caption, he "assured him [he] knew what [he] was doing", but know knows that "some things are better left to the professionals."

The photo, and Evans' candid take on his dog grooming mishap, has quickly gone viral online, with fans offering an array of jokes and advice to Evans and Dodger. As Evans has shared on social media over the past few months, he and Dodger have been spending more time together due to the quarantine, with adorable results.

Evans officially wrapped up his role as Steve Rogers/Captain America with last year's Avengers: Endgame, with his character's storyline coming to a close in a surprising and heart-wrenching way.

“He has fought World War II and Civil War and an Infinity War. He’s been through three wars," Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus said in a previous interview. "And he has come to a place, I think, where he’s realizing to be a fully rounded human, which is all of our goals, he needs to take a little time and be a little healthier. I think when he … in a way I think when he encounters his old self back in Avengers Tower, there is a processing going on in his head that well, that’s a really intense and maybe not 100% healthy guy. So I think it is time.”


Luckily, the actor still has a pretty epic array of projects lined up. He can currently be seen in Defending Jacob, a new mini-series coming to Apple TV+ based on the novel of the same name by William Landay. He's also set to collaborate with Doctor Strange director Scott Derrickson on a movie about the Bermuda Triangle, and he's believed to play the dentist in a film remake of Little Shop of Horrors.

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