Part Of Spider-Man: Homecoming May Take Place In Washington, DC

(Photo: Marvel Studios)

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of the most anticipated superhero films of 2017, and much of that has to do with Tom Holland's fantastic portrayal of the character in Captain America: Civil War.

The movie is already in production, so it's no surprise that photos have started surfacing of some of the outdoors scenes, including a new set of images courtesy of The film is currently shooting in Atlanta, Georgia, and this given day they were shooting two different scenes. The first scene involves a bus trip and the second a cement truck.

The photos are from the cement truck scene, where Holland can be seen in costume without his mask, with a shot in full costume appearing later on. One of the biggest takeaways from the images is location based, as the license plate on the cement truck reads Washington D.C. It's safe to assume that at some point during the film Spider-Man plans on hitching a ride, and the other photos seem to indicate this, as at one point he can be seen hiding on the right side of the truck, and then can be seen seated inside the concrete cylinder.

The fact that he has his backpack on suggests that either he just came from school and had it with him when he needed to head to D.C., or that he packed intentionally for the road trip. Other photos show him using the trampoline for some stunt work and some wires to secure him to the top of the concrete cylinder.

I would try to infer some crazy story related reason from the umbrella, but I'm pretty sure he was just trying to provide himself some shade from the sun. Though it is more fun to think that there could be a new villain by the name of Blue Umbrella Man.

You can see all the photos here.