Agents Of Shield Star Says He'd Love To See A Ghost Rider Spin-Off Series

The stars were out in full force at this year's Walker Stalker Con in Atlanta, especially those that have appeared in The Walking Dead universe. The convention is centered around the fans of the AMC zombie drama, but a little Agents Of Shield surprise still seemed to slip through the cracks.

Lorenzo James Henrie, who plays Gabe Reyes on the series, spent some time signing autographs and meeting fans at the convention. He starred on Fear The Walking Dead for its first two seasons before making his debut on Agents Of Shield.

IMG 0370's Walking Dead Insider Brandon Davis had the chance to catch up with Lorenzo when he had a break on Friday night. When asked about his transition from The Walking Dead to Agents Of Shield, Henrie talked very highly of his new show.

When he began addressing his character, and how he interacts with Ghost Rider actor Gabriel Luna, Lorenzo let Brandon know that he thinks we should have the chance to see more of Robbie and Gabe. He also let everyone in on a little nugget from the comics:

"I love how the spirit of vengeance comes into me [Gabe Reyes] at the end and he [Robbie] has gotta like, not kill me."

Brandon asked if we would get to see this unfold in the show, and Henrie backed away, knowing he couldn't spoil anything for fans. When Brandon followed up with whether or not Henrie would like to see it, he didn't hesitate.

"Yes, absolutely."


The actor is no stranger to dark and villainous turns, as his character on Fear The Walking Dead went from an innocent teenager to the main antagonist of the series.

Lorenzo went on to say he would really love to see Gabe and Robbie get more screen time on their own series.

I would love to see a spin off series, I think a lot of fans have beenn asking us. You know, it’s all up to ABC, but I think it would be really cool on Netflix or something."

The Ghost Rider would be a great fit in the Marvel Netflix Universe, as his gritty tone would line up well with the likes of Daredevil and The Punisher.

The next episode of Agents Of Shield will focus on the Reyes brothers' backstory, and Henrie said it's definitely one you won't want to miss.

"You’re gonna see how Gabe and all that progresses. You’re gonna see a cool backstory of the brothers, the Reyes brothers."

Agents Of Shield will air its next episode, titled The Good Samaritan, on November 1 at 10pm ET on ABC.