Viral 'Daredevil' Website Drops a Clever 'The Punisher' Easter Egg

Netflix's The Punisher may not have a concrete release date, but thanks to a viral Daredevil website fans are getting a very clever Easter egg as part of the streaming service's promotion for the show.

The Daredevil Facebook page posted a photo today that, on first look, seems pretty mundane. Featuring just a keyboard, a monitor with The New York Bulletin pulled up, and a pad of paper with what appears to be a login and password, the post congratulates Karen Page for her hard work.

However, as CBR reports, if you take the login information written on the notepad to the New York Bulletin website, there is now a staff login space on the page's banner. When the information from the Daredevil picture is entered into the staff login, users are taken to Karen's personal profile page, complete with her photo and folders labeled "Research," "Trial," and "Evidence."

Each folder is fully explorable and, for fans of Daredevil's second season, very familiar. The "Research" folder has a photo of Frank Castle's family. The "Trial" folder has information about Frank's brain injury from the Massacre at Central Park while the "Evidence" folder not only has photos of the aftermath of the massacre, but also contains proof that District Attorney Samantha Reyes covered the whole event up.

This website is the latest part of Netflix's marketing for the upcoming The Punisher series. Earlier this week the show's official Twitter account posted moving poster promos for both Karen Page and Frank Castle, giving both characters the iconic skull logo treatment. And while the website doesn't appear to contain any information about when The Punisher will drop on the streaming service, it is expected sometime this year and with New York Comic Con coming up next week fans are hoping more information will come down soon.

The Punisher will hit Netflix sometime this year.

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