This Punisher vs Deadpool Fan Trailer Is Epic

Superhero fan-films can sometimes look cooler than what we actually get in theaters, and this new Deadpool vs. The Punisher mashup definitely qualifies. Watch it above!

This violent Marvel recut combines Deadpool movie footage with footage of Punisher's scenes from Daredevil season 2, plus what we've seen in the recent Punisher solo series that will be on Netflix later this fall. There's also a somewhat clunky expansion of the fan-made Logan post-credits scene with Deadpool.

Given the massive separation between Fox's Deadpool movie franchise and Marvel and Netflix's Punisher TV series, this is one Marvel crossover that we're never going to see. Still, the Punisher battling an unkillable loudmouth like Deadpool in a live-action movie is an exciting proposition.

Deadpool vs Punisher Fan Trailer

The Deadpool vs. The Punisher comic book miniseries was released by Marvel Comics this past summmer, and its a pretty fun read. Check that out HERE.

Deadpool 2 is currently in production. The Punisher will premiere on Netflix sometime in Fall 2017.

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