'Guardians Of The Galaxy' Director Pens Emotional Letter Against Hollywood's Sexual Predators

As reports of sexual assault in Hollywood continuing to pour out, Guardians James Gunn made his stance on the issue perfectly clear.

Gunn recalled a recent conversation with three close female friends, which brought to the forefront just how often women have to deal with sexual assault (via THR).

"One of them talked about how her manager at a restaurant pushed her to the ground, kissing her," Gunn said. "Another discussed a boss at a nightclub who fired her when she wouldn’t go out with him. Another talked about a film producer who said he could get her roles if she “treated him well”.

Gunn said those stories continued, with multiple incidents with bosses, managers, and agents, and the stories didn't stop.

"As I said, to them this conversation was casual – they’ve gotten used to sexual harassment being a part of their everyday lives – but to me it was horrifying," Gunn said.

Gunn made it clear that sexual predators have "no political affiliation", and know "no status or occupation, and those who allowed him to get away with it are just as culpable.

"Yesterday, I tweeted that if even 1/10 of the stories about Harvey Weinstein are true, and I believe they are, then good f****** riddance. F*** him and everyone who enabled him to get away with such behavior. The tweets got a lot of news coverage and I got a lot of responses. One of the primary responses was that sexual predation is a terrible problem... for Hollywood," Gunn said.

While Hollywood is a cesspool, the problem doesn't just exist within its boundaries.

"Well, yes, that’s true," Gunn said. "Sexual predation is rife in Hollywood. But it’s also rife EVERYWHERE. As evinced by the stories I heard Friday night, some men – probably a much larger percentage than any of us want to be true – try to coerce women (or children or other men) sexually, and they will try and do so when they get any small amount of power."

"They are movie stars and network heads and world famous bloggers – but they are also fast food restaurant managers and used car salesmen and, as I learned as a child (and tried to speak out and was shut down), priests," Gunn said.

The harm they do spreads like a virus, something Gunn tried to emphasize.

"And they are EVERYWHERE. And they are killing us," Gunn said. "When someone is coerced sexually it not only affects that person, but the lives of those around that person, like rows of dominoes falling in every direction. It demolishes trust and comfort in all of society. And evil men are doing this everywhere, every day, in every occupation, and every type of household, all over the world. F***. THEM. ALL."

Gunn ended by applauding all of the people coming forward and hopes the people who do this see their reign in Hollywood and elsewhere end. It's a powerful letter, and you can read it in its entirety above.