Kevin Feige Gives The Best Response After Being Asked About 'Inhumans'

It’s no secret; Marvel’s Inhumans is not faring well with fans. The miniseries is currently airing on ABC, but the show has been plagued with toxic coverage since its first trailer debuted. Now, Kevin Feige is commenting on the series, and the Marvel Studios head showed off his diplomatic prowess when he was asked about the show as of late.

During a recent interview with Uproxx, Feige was asked directly about Inhumans. The producer, who is a noted fan of the franchise, was asked whether he wished Marvel Studios had gotten to take the property instead of Marvel TV. So, in response, all Feige had to say was this:

“You’re breaking up, Mike. I can’t hear you. You’re breaking up...”

Well, that is one way to deal with an uncomfortable question.

Feige has kept quiet about Inhumans and its reception, so it is not too surprising to see the producer dodge it here. However, his clear aversion to the topic does signal Feige’s unwillingness to comment on the show. If that is the case, then it isn’t likely that the producer feels that great about the show.

The studio exec isn’t the only one giving Inhumans the cold shoulder as of late. Earlier this week, the show’s latest ratings hit a series low. “Something Inhumans This Way Comes” pulled in 1.98 - 2 million viewers to rack up a 0.4 score. The show lost out to Once Upon A Time, MacGyver, Hawaii Five-0, and Blue Bloods for Friday night ratings. With just three episodes left, ABC doesn’t have much time to pull up ratings for Inhumans, and fans are not sure the task if even possible at this point.

With Inhumans tanking on TV, it is hard to gauge whether Marvel Studios will be allowed to take back the property should Marvel TV concede it. The former originally had plans to make an Inhumans film which went belly-up when Marvel TV announced its miniseries, but fans may be willing to give Black Bolt and his family another go if the gang get tied directly into the MCU. However, it could take a few years before audiences are ready to revisit the royal family and its lovable Lockjaw.

Marvel’s Inhumans airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

Marvel's The InhumansFriday at 9 PM ET on ABC

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