'Thor: Ragnarok' Director Reveals Its Secret 'Star Wars' Influence

In the past, Taika Waititi has made it clear he’s uninterested in tackling a Star Wars film, but that does not mean the director can’t borrow from the iconic franchise. After all, Waititi did recently admit he altered one important bit of Thor: Ragnarok to keep it from drawing Star Wars comparisons.

If you have already seen the latest Thor flick, you can probably guess what Waititi needed to change. The film shows Thor taking on Hela, the goddess of death after the vixen finally escapes her prison following Odin’s death. The hero learns early on that Hela is actually his older sister, and the film actually intended to make that revelation towards its end. However, Waititi chose to shift the bombshell up to keep fans from comparing Hela to Darth Vader.

In an interview with Empire, the director confessed Hela’s reveal could never match the weight of Darth Vader’s slip.

“We thought, ‘We can’t ever compete with Luke and Darth, which is the greatest reveal ever,” Waititi said. “Why bother?”

According to Waititi, the first draft of Thor: Ragnarok had Hela tell Thor about their sibling bond long after Odin passed. The director agreed it would be good to move the bombshell to avoid any undue comparisons, but Waititi also wanted the latter half of the film to focus on something other than Hela and Thor’s father.

“Let’s get it out of the way early, because it’s actually not the most important thing,” the director explained. “What’s more important is the fact that Asgard was built on lies.”

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