Michael B. Jordan Offers To Buy Replacement For Fan Who Broke Retainer Watching 'Black Panther'

The dental industry might need to start making retainers out of vibranium after this story.

Many are currently enjoying Michael B. Jordan's performance in Black Panther as Erik Killmonger, but one fan ended up having to make an emergency orthodontist appointment after watching it, as someone shared on Tumblr (via BuzzFeed).

"One of my patients came in for an emergency visit, because she snapped the wire on her retainer watching the movie when MBJ took his shirt off she clenched her teeth so f****** hard she snapped it. That is the f****** shit ever to me this tiny 17 year old girl thirsting so g****** hard she busted steel.""

(Photo: @pixyrue)

That turned out to be 18 year old Sophia Robb, who noticed a tweet about that story making the rounds online. While the post doesn't mention her by name, she knew it was her, saying "Wait. That girl is me. That is my orthodontist's tumblr. This is a post about me? I'm going to kill myself."

After confirming it thanks to his picture on tumblr, she shared the post herself, and it has now collected more than 95,000 retweets. She also pointed out which part, in particular, caused the retainer to break.

"So it was the scene where Killmonger took his shirt off for the battle to become king of Wakanda. I pressed my tongue against my permanent retainer and clenched my jaw so hard that the wire disconnected from my teeth."

Ouch! Luckily she ended up getting everything taken care of, but she also got an unexpected offer from Jordan himself. Jordan offered to replace them for her, saying ".@pixyrue since I feel partly responsible for breaking your retainers ??‍♂️ let me know if I can replace them ?"


Robb was beyond thrilled about the whole thing, saying "RIP my retainer @michaelb4jordan I am HONORED and GRATEFUL." She also had the chance to message him, saying "wow i just DM'ed michael b jordan." So, she might've lost a retainer, but it seems this whole thing turned out pretty great in the end.

Fans can catch Black Panther in theaters now.