Who Dies In the 'Agents of SHIELD' Season 5 Finale?

The fifth season of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD airs tonight on ABC and may prove to be a pivotal episode for some of the show’s characters. Could one or more of the SHIELD agents fall before the season ends?

The most obvious contender is Phil Coulson. Last week’s episode of Agents of SHIELD ended with the SHIELD team having to ponder a choice. They could use the Centipede serum to revive Coulson, or they could combine it with the Kree odium to defeat Glenn Talbot, their former ally who had gone mad after becoming empowered by gravitonium. However, with only one dose of Centipede serum left, they can’t do both.

In the future timeline that SHIELD visited earlier this season, a future version of Yo-Yo warned her past self that trying to cure Coulson leads them down the path to Earth’s destruction, and so Yo-Yo is lobbying to let Coulson die, like Coulson wants, and break the time loop. However, Fitz and Simmons realized in the last episode that Coulson didn’t make it into that future timeline. Perhaps the key isn’t simply to try to fix Coulson but to make sure to try and to succeed.
The other agent who may be in the most trouble is Mack. During the future arc, there was a scene shown of May and Yo-Yo arguing sometime after the world was destroyed but before their past selves traveled into the future. Yo-Yo mentioned that Mack and fought and died to try to protect the Earth.

With this in mind, it seems like Mack and Coulson are both fated to die if the SHIELD team can’t figure out a way to break the time loop.

On the other end of the equation are the members of the team who, based on what SHIELD knows about the future, survived the Earth’s destruction and made it to the Lighthouse. These include Yo-Yo, Fitz, Simmons, and May, although May has yet to flaunt her supposed invincibility in the same way that the other three have.

And then there's the lingering threat of Thanos. The events of these final few episodes of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD have been taking place at the same time as the events of Avengers: Infinity War. Could we the results of Thanos' snap in the finale?


Who do you expect to live and die in tonight’s season finale episode of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD? Let us know your predictions in the comments!

The Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Season 5 final episode, “The End,” airs tonight at 9 pm ET on ABC.