'Daredevil's Vincent D'Onofrio Teases Return of Kingpin in Season 3

Daredevil season 3 is one of the most highly-anticipated next entries in the Marvel Netflix Universe - in large part because it will see the full return of Vincent D'Onofrio's Wilson Fisk / Kingpin. D'Onofrio has teased his return for months now, and is once again giving fans reason to be excited, with this latest post:

The storyline for Daredevil season 3 has been kept under tight wraps, but a combination of confirmed details and rumors paint a pretty good roadmap of where things may be headed. The biggest influences on the season 3 storyline seem to be Frank Miller's classic "Born Again" storyline from the '80s, and Kevin Smith's "Guardian Devil" storyline from the late '90s. The former chronicles Matt Murdock's personal hell, after The Kingpin finally figures out Daredevil's secret identity (thanks to Karen Page), and uses it torment both Matt and Daredevil, in order to break his vigilante nemesis before finally hiring a superpowered hitman to kill him. "Guardian Devil" features a major milestone moment, as Daredevil and his nemesis Bullseye have bloody fight in a church, which results in Karen being murdered.


Both storylines seems to be at work in season 3, which already has the necessary elements to incorporate both narratives. In addition to Fisk returning for vengeance, season 3 will feature new cast member Joanne Whalley as Matt's estranged mother Sister Maggie, a Catholic nun who figures prominent in both the "Born Again" and "Guardian Devil" storylines. Finally, it's been all but confirmed that actor Wilson Bethel is playing the MCU version of Bullseye, with an origin that's been modified to better fit the "Born Again" story mold.

Whatever the actual storyline turns out to be, the return of Wilson Fisk is reason alone for Marvel fans to expect better things from Daredevil season 3 than they were for season 2. D'Onofrio managed to be a major scene-stealer in his brief cameo during season 2, owning scenes opposite Daredevil actor Charlie Cox, as well as Punisher actor Jon Bernthal. Seeing him in a full seasonal arc again will anchor Daredevil in a way that was sorely missing during season 2, which is good news for both the show, and fans.