New 'Venom' Trailer Takes a Bite Out of Crime

The countdown has begun for Venom to hit theaters, and it looks like Sony's newest TV spot is here to celebrate.

The teaser, which you can check out above, mixes new and old footage, with a few new sequences of the titular symbiote showing his teeth to various foes. It's currently unclear if the film will actually show Venom biting people's heads off, as the film was recently given a PG-13 rating.

"We're curious to see where it'll land," director Ruben Fleischer explained in an interview last month. "But we pushed the envelope as far as we possibly could in terms of just making it the most true to the comics version of the film that we could. He's a character that goes around biting people's heads off and eating brains. So we tried to respect that as much as we could."

Even if Venom isn't able to go all-in when it comes to violence, it sounds like fans can still expect a truly one-of-a-kind comic book movie, which really showcases the struggle between Venom and Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy).

"As you know, as a fan of the character, Eddie Brock and Venom is a unique character within the universe because it's not just a singular experience," Fleischer told earlier this summer. "It's not like there's a guy who gets imbued with powers or makes his own suit and the becomes a vigilante or he's not an alien that comes to earth and has super powers. In our movie, or in the comics, it's about the union of these two different parts to create a whole."

"There's a symbiote and then there's Eddie Brock," Fleischer continued. "There's a relationship. That's what Tom did so amazingly well, was to play these two characters simultaneously. That was, as a director, just exhilarating to watch someone with the capability that he has managed the two characters that he has in his head."

Either way, it sounds like the film definitely won't be for all-ages, something that Hardy is aware of.

"Venom is, by far, for me the...coolest Marvel super hero that there is," Hardy told "I just like the way he looks first and foremost. Then, also, there's my son and he's a massive Venom fan. He was a very strong influence on me as to why I ought to play Venom specifically...So I did something where I bite people's heads off which my son can't see."


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Venom is set for release on October 5, 2018.